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Get the Ultimate protection for your superior ride. Alpha Shielding offers different package deals so you can get that level of protection that you want for your vehicle. Call us today so that we can put together the package that best fits the needs that you require.

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We offer several services when it comes to protecting your car from rocks, chips, and weather.

Paint Protection

Road grime, rock chips and even bugs in the summertime will raise havoc with your clear coat and those rocks will chip away at your paint job. We have a solution for that and  At Alpha Shielding we offer 8 Mil thick Paint Protection Film,  Our clear shield has a 10 year warranty against discoloring, cracking or peeling. We offer different packages to fit the level of protection that you specifically want for your ride. We carry different films including matt films, black colored paint protection films and anti-microbial films for interior navagation screens to protect from germs and scratching. We are authorized certified installers for all of our products. 

Window Tinting

Alpha Shielding Uses Lexen window film. We offer three lines of Lexen film and we are excited to annonce that all three lines of our film will all be Nano Ceramic Technology thats getting really good reviews and that pricing will not be much more than a carbon film. Lexan film comes with  a lifetime warranty against discoloring (turning purple) bubbling or peeling. We have all window tint films available in different shades from dark Limo to  shades as light as 70%  and the film still protects you and your vehicle from all the harmful UV and sun damage .  We offer shades light enough that you can even tint the front window shield maintain superior clarity and get ultraviolet protection without giving up how well you can see at night or being a danger to others.

Ceramic Paint Protection

The first step in paint protection is paint correction and Tom has been working in the industry for over 20 years. At Alpha Shielding  we take the time to measure paint thickness and go over scratched or damaged areas to determine the level of correction need to the clear coat before we apply any coating. the Not all Ceramic coatings are the same. There are alot of fake products out their that claim to be a Ceramic Coating but they are not. At Alpha Shielding we use the P&S Line of Ceramic coatings that includes Inspiration ceramic coating with a 5-year warranty and Legend that offers up to 10 years of protection. Ceramic coating is applied to all panels including wheels, windows and plastic parts covering all your vehicle. Ceramic coatings protect against chemicals, bird droppings and weather caused elements that can affect you clear coat and paint. The durability of this coating is incredible. The hardness factor is 9 right below a dimond.

Happy Customers

I was going out of town and Called Alpha Shielding, they were able to schedule me in for an appointment and they got the car done on time and did a fantastic job on the car. I would highly recommend them.

Joel Marshall

When I called Tom was out on a job and Caleb was in college. I had a problem with one of the windows they tinted and Caleb got out of school to come fix the problem for me and it looks great. Awesome customer service.

Jane Adams

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